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What is Dungeons & Dice?

The Short Version...


Dungeons & Dice combines playing, learning, and socializing. Through an 8-week course of tabletop gameplay and instruction, participants will connect with others while learning thoughtful ways to create stories and expand their minds to the limitless possibilities of their creativity. 


Over 8, two-hour virtual sessions, held weekly, participants will learn:

  • World Building & Storytelling 

  • Character Development & Narrative structure

  • Creative Writing Methods

  • Team Building & Party Management

  • Strategy & Problem Solving

  • Basics of Tabletop Roleplaying Mechanics


Whether you're looking for aid in creative writing techniques or just a healthy social and intellectual outlet, Dungeons & Dice Day Camp will get participants engaged in the process of collective world building, storytelling and camaraderie.


I've fought robots in outer space and rode an octopus through the depths of the sea. I've sailed on pirate ships and met centaurs ...The possibilities are endless, especially with Hadley and his limitless imagination. 


The Long Version..

Those who played, or still play, Dungeons & Dragons, or other tabletop RPG systems like Pathfinder or Fate, will resonate with the experience of creating characters and stories that they will remember for a lifetime. Those experiences help us with problem solving, personal engagement, and

most of all, creativity.


Dungeons & Dice Day Camp is an opportunity for those aged 13-18 to dive into a system of gameplay that will inspire those same sorts of experiences while fueling their imaginations in a way that fosters creative writing and team building through collaborative storytelling.


Through the literary construct of “The Hero’s Journey”, participants will delve into an adventure of their collective making. By creating compelling characters and rich worlds for them to inhabit, those who partake in the Dungeons & Dice Day Camp will become the hero of their own story; weaving a narrative that participants create together in real time. 


Players will spontaneously imagine the obstacles their characters must face, discover the means to overcome those challenges, and experience the victory, or tragedy (that’s where the dice come in), that lay ahead of them. The element of chance heightens the experience by making participants consider an array of possibilities and think beyond the expected. In doing so, they train their minds to look into the future, consider potential outcomes, and empathize and act in accordance with the character they’ve created. 


This allows them to take risks as a character; experiencing the highs and lows of the outcomes as if they were really in the world they created. And it is those risks, taken in a safe environment, that will teach them how to consider more closely the outcomes of their decisions in everyday life. 


Whether they need aid in creative writing techniques or just a healthy social and intellectual outlet, Dungeons & Dice Day Camp will engage participants through mindful escapism and empower them with the tools they need to create worlds and stories that will resonate for a lifetime.

Logistics & Schedule

  • Who: Anyone looking to fuel their creativity and writing abilities

  • What: 8-week course of Tabletop RPG gameplay and Instruction 

  • Where: Virtual Game Room using Google Meet

  • When: 2-Hour sessions, held weekly 


Groups will meet once a week for 8 weeks and will have a max capacity of 4 participants per session. This will give them time between sessions to process what they’ve created, and more than enough time to do the homework for each of the sessions. 

Yes, There's Homework!

But it’s not much, and it will inspire participants in Dungeons and Dice Day Camp to develop a richer narrative, one that will aid in their writing, and in their ability to consider beyond their own current worldview.

These assignments should take no more than 30 minutes (although many participants often find themselves delightfully engrossed in the process), and are meant to spur creativity as participants delve into their own vision for their characters and the world around them between their weekly gameplay sessions. 

Interested In

Signing Up?

The “Dungeons & Dice Day Camp” is for 13-18 year olds interested in learning narrative structure and the mechanics of game play as a method of creative writing. It meets once a week, and has a maximum capacity of 4 participants.

If you're interested in an adult version, “Dungeons & Dice - After Dark” is a narrative endeavor for individuals 18 and up who are interested in fueling their imagination by really digging into the characters and the worlds they inhabit. 

With less instruction and a greater focus on storytelling we will create the heroic escapades of your characters and the highs and lows of their journey as the dice guide their fate. 


Three and Five Game Mini-campaigns - 

If you’re more inclined to have the majority of world building done for you, a three or five game Mini-Campaign ($350 and $550 respectively) is a great option, and you can invite others along for the ride.

For one to five total players, DMingHadley will create an adventure for you and your fellow adventurers!

The backdrop for these adventures is virtually limitless and can be customized to your characters or the setting of your choice!

If you're still not quite sure what might work best, feel free to just book a free "Meet and Greet" to ask more questions but if you want to get right to it you can schedule a "Game Night" and we can just dive right in.



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