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On Dungeons & Dice

As a youth I would read all the time, diving into book after book, seeking out adventures and excitement beyond anything I would likely experience in my lifetime. And I loved it.

Dinosaurs and outer space and feats of heroism that captivated me long after those books were shut and returned to the library or my bookshelf were a staple in my world, and then I grew up.

But, recently I found what I had lost, and that was the spark of imagination: the ignition of a mentality that allows me to conjure from the ether whole universes for my friends, both new and old, to dive into like the books of my youth. Only now they too contribute to the storytelling, and in a way that builds on my imagination and causes it to expand in kind.

And now ... I want to give that gift, that spark, to a new generation.

While pop culture seizes on Dungeons & Dragons, and its acceptance is greater than ever, I want to foster that excitement not only to encourage the imaginations of young people, but to inspire them to create stories that will inspire others in kind.

That's where Dungeons & Dice comes in.

Following the narrative structure of "The Hero's Journey" by playing a simplified tabletop role playing game, my own adapted "2d6" system, and supplementing it with instruction on literary devices and storytelling methods, we will create unique characters and worlds, and lay the foundation for decades of storytelling to come.

I want to provide those determined not to let the world stifle their imagination with the tools they need to write, entertain, and explore the limits of their creativity, especially in a collaborative setting.

Since the first humans sat down around the fire and told stories, we have longed for collaborative storytelling. Nowadays we are subject to remake after remake of old tales, by creators whose motives are more financial than narrative. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Great stories don’t have to be told by others. They can be told by us.

In eight two-hour sessions you’ll be inspired and empowered to run tabletop games for your friends, fueling your collective imaginations with or without the aid of canon or lore of particular game sets. And after the games are over you’ll still have a methodology for writing, relying on fate to help guide your hand as page after page of narrative flow from your fingertips.

Understanding the basics of literary devices, genre, and narrative structure, those who make their way through Dungeons & Dice will see newfound inspiration, improved creativity, and a roadmap for writing stories that will resonate with others.

That’s my gift to those who participate. Not just 16 hours of games and instruction, but a lifetime of imagination and storytelling; the kind that fuels who we are as a people, and who we hope to be in our hearts.

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