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D&D or 2d6

Game Night

2+ hours of game play for

1 to 5 new or experienced players

Join DMingHadley on a narrative exhibition, creating vivid characters and fantasy worlds as participants play in the theater of the mind.

Whatever story unfolds will defy expectation as you and your party roll the dice and see what the fates have in store.


The format of gameplay is relatively simple - Create a character and the "Dungeon Master" - Hadley - will then set you, and your party, on the road to adventure, guiding you through a world enriched by your own imagination and perception of the setting.


Using an adapted 2d6 game format, you can play whatever character you like in whatever setting provides the most opportunities for adventure.

If D&D is more your speed, you'll make characters before the game session so we can spend more time playing! 


With virtually limitless genre and character combinations, you'll never play the same game twice, even if you choose to revisit characters that you've played before.

$125 per session
(Up to 5 players)

3 or 5 Game

Mini Campaigns

Come along on a heroic quest spread over three or five game sessions

Sometimes, one game session just isn't enough.

With the three or five game "Mini Campaigns" you and your party can delve into your characters and the worlds around them or you can choose to play anthology style games that allow you to test out new characters or new environments with each session.


Choose Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition) or my adapted 2d6 game format to customize your experience.


Mini Campaigns will give players an opportunity to level up their characters, get new gear, and focus on role playing opportunities as the world expands around them.


Players will also get a guided character building session prior to the first game, so even new players will have an opportunity to come along on this journey.


Save $25 when you get a 3 Game Mini-Campaign or save $75 when you purchase a 5 Game Mini-Campaign! 

$350 - 3 Games
$550 - 5 Games
(Up to 5 players)

Dungeons & Dice Day Camp

Depart on an educational odyssey of creative writing rooted in game play

Dungeons & Dice is a virtual learning environment where participants collaboratively navigate the creation of characters and the world in which they exist.

In doing so they set the stage for a narrative journey that develops in an exhibition of

combat and role playing.


Designed specifically to foster creative writing and collaborative style storytelling, Dungeons & Dice gives participants lessons in world building, character development, the narrative structure of the "hero's journey" (along with other literary constructs), and team building tools that they can use for the rest of their lives.


Oh, and they learn how to run games like this for others!

At the end of 8 weeks, participants will be prepared to take the helm of role playing games, regardless of system, as they practice managing games on the digital landscape.


Sessions are capped at four participants to maximize  engagement and game play.

$500 per participant

Ready to Play?

Want to learn more?

Talk to the "DM" - That's Dungeon Master

DMingHadley on Twitch and Discord


Let the adventures BEGIN!

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