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SUMMER 2023!


Learn Collaborative and Creative Storytelling through Game Play!

(For ages 13-15 and 16-18 respectively)

Time for Adventure!

From the darkest depths of the nether planes to the stellar heights of the heavens ...

Come, be whisked away on an adventure of your own making, playing the character -- or characters -- of your dreams.

Whether you’re looking for a couple of hours of escapism or a chance to fuel your creative writing,

DMingHadley will lead you on fantastic odysseys, where fate guides your journey and your imagination can run free.  

Book a ...

Game Night:

2 hours of Dungeons & Dragons or 2d6 style game play with 1-5 participants,


Or, sign up for...

Dungeons & Dice Day Camp: 

an 8 week delve into the Hero’s Journey, where participants will find the overlap between role playing and narrative structure.

You can also give the gift of adventure by purchasing a Game Night or a Mini-campaign for someone you love!


Testimonials and Feedback

"He is a very fun, kind, magical person. Whether you're doing a long term campaign, or his 2d6 one shot games, his homebrew is on point."




Play 5e Dungeons & Dragons

or my 2d6 variant game format!

2 hours of adventure

for 1-5 players.


Mini Campaign

$350 - $550

Book a three or five session

Mini Campaign to delve into your characters and the fantastic world they inhabit!

Game Night


Dungeons & Dice


Learn about narrative structure over the course of 8 weeks,

using game play as a method for improving creative writing.

Groups will be 13-15 and 16-18 years of age respectively.


Free Meet & Greet


Have a word with DMingHadley to talk about game systems, longer campaigns, character creation, and more!

Image by Graham Holtshausen

Testimonials and Feedback

"I HIGHLY recommend Hadley as a DM. 

He’s forgiving, all about the story and the fun, making things interesting and personalized, easy to work with, communicative, reliable and consistent."



An early adherent of Magic: The Gathering, and collector of many a comic book and fantasy tome in his youth, Hadley actually came to tabletop role playing games later than most. At 28, he was lured by a group of Seattle’s night-dwelling denizens into a crowded, subterranean apartment to roll dice, enjoy one another’s company, and weave a narrative from their collective imaginations. 

Ten (or so) years on, and Hadley has officially taken up the mantle of Dungeon Master, and the handle of DMingHadley (for social media purposes). Adapting 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons and 2d6 game formats to allow for unfettered adventures, the settings of Hadley’s games can range from traditional fantasy, to space odyssey, to pop culture endeavors.

Deeply moved by the concept of collaborative storytelling, mindful escapism, as well as the social and cognitive benefits of such endeavors, he specializes in drawing from the ether whole worlds for your characters to dive into, without limits to setting or tone.

Through one-off games and campaign series alike, players can dive into unique worlds, fueling their imaginations with possibilities beyond the canon and lore of established game systems. 


With a penchant for making tabletop gaming accessible to everyone, Hadley has distilled a potent format of game play that serves as both a delightful respite from the challenges of our day to day lives, and a methodology for creative storytelling for people of all walks of life,

and literally all around the globe.


Understanding that we all learn best by playing in a space where it’s safe to take risks, Hadley helps players perceive these fantasy (and other genre) worlds by engaging them to create alongside him. 


After all, it’s collaborative storytelling. We all get to contribute. 

Crab Nebula

Testimonials and Feedback

"I've been on so many adventures with Hadley it's dizzying ...

The possibilities are endless, especially with Hadley and his limitless imagination."



That's "Dungeon Master"

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